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    Deathloop comes from the development team Arkane Studios, known for quite a few different video game titles in the past. For instance, they brought out both Dishonored and Prey into the marketplace. Now it looks like their next big release will come in 2021 called Deathloop. This video game is set in a time loop where players take the role of Colt, an expert assassin. Players must break the time loop but the only way of going about it is taking out eight special targets across an island. They won’t be easy to take out and if your protagonist happens to get killed, you’ll get brought back to the start or if time runs out, the time loop repeats.

    It’s all about trial-and-error in order to figure out how to go about taking these targets out successfully and quickly. However, on the heels of Colt is another expert assassin named Julianna, who is tasked with taking out Colt. Now players are having to quickly navigate around the map, eliminate the targets during a time limit, and watch out for another assassin tracking you down. It’s worth noting that players can jump online where a random player can take the role of Julianna, although the multiplayer aspect to this game is completely optional.


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