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PLAYERUNKNOWN (Brendan Greene – Creative Director at Bluehole) is the pioneer of the Battle Royale genre.
From humble beginnings creating the Battle Royale game-mode on the ARMA series,
he went on to license his game-mode to Sony Online Entertainment (now Daybreak Games) for inclusion in their title H1Z1.

Now working as creative director on BATTLEGROUNDS,
he has finally the chance to create his own version of the game-mode which spawned a new genre in gaming.

“From when I first started making the Battle Royale game-mode in ARMA 2, I have always wanted to make a good game.
With Bluehole, and their philosophy of creating “well made” games,
I am confident that together we can create a great game.”


Community-driven development

Since we started this project a year ago,
we have reached out to the Battle Royale community to gather suggestions
and feedback about what they want and expect from the game.

Ever since we started our pre-alpha testing,
we have worked with them to implement suggestions,
get feedback about gameplay, and ask their help when we ran alpha and beta testing.


From the very start,
we wanted to provide players with the ability
to create new game-modes and mods based in our game.

We have created a highly detailed world, and provide content creators
with a wealth of vehicles, weapons & items for use in their own mods.

Our players will have the full use of our assets
and can create their own content for inclusion in their mods,
by using the highly powerful Unreal Engine devkit!

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